Creative Commons Global Network policies


Creative Commons maintains and publishes policies that apply to the use of our websites, content and software that we publish, our trademarks, and to those participating in the Creative Commons Global Network, including Individual and Institutional Members, as well as non-Members who participate in CC projects around the world. Note that some of these policies are maintained on other website pages but can be viewed by clicking on the relevant link below.

The following policies are applicable to anyone who uses our websites.

The Trademark policy applies to anyone who uses the CC trademarks.

When you participate in the Creative Commons Global Network (“CCGN”) as a member or non-member, in addition to the generally applicable policies on this page, the following legal policies apply to you as you engage with CC and the network:

network charter

The Charter is an agreement between an individual person or an institution, in the Creative Commons Global Network, have with all of the other Members and Institutional Members of the Creative Commons network and Creative Commons.


CCGN Internet services policy

This Policy governs the operation of websites, social media accounts, and mailing lists for CC Chapters in the Creative Commons Global Network.


Chapter Logo Policy

Every CC Chapter around the world, once established in accordance with the Charter and other applicable rules and guidelines, may create a single logo to designate their particular country chapter (“Chapter Logo”).