alma mater dei et humani

alma mater dei et humani

Richart Lõvisüda

Is the knowing, that there is a way, worth of leaving everything behind and go out there to search for it?

I decided to find out

Happy fathers day!

Happy fathers day!

My grandfather, Asser, had a vision of civilization based on goodness. The idea exists. If enough people will know then it comes.

The decision to start looking, came to me in all the wrong and ego driven reasons but one of the greatest power that a man can operate is the power of intent in Love. 5 Days after my grandfather died, I went to California, America. Following has been a roller coaster that turned upside down and inside out everything I thought I knew and believed.

It has been a stormy sea and I hope eventually my ex wife, my children and friends will forgive me. I experienced the death of my ego driven personality self. There have been moments when I’m lying down on a toilet floor in tears, not even knowing how to get up from there. In these moments the answers have started to flow in and guiding me to the most important question at hand.

When being on a position where I only have one question to find answer to, I discover myself having all the focus, passion and resilience to keep moving on.

Now I’m here and trying to figure out, how to deliver truth about our inner power and how to access it to the whole humanity. We have been programmed to live in fear and lies. What I have discovered is that the only truth is kindness, compassion and abundance, everything else is a lie that wants to keep us in fear. And these fears are so deeply in our consciousness that it takes extreme courage to step out and power up yourself.

For me it has been a journey filled with exceptional teachers at right timing, massive amount of luck and lessons that have been shaking me to the very core of my being. Thank You all, for everything! Amma, ami!

When I had my first encounters with spirituality, I discovered that it is almost impossible to find truth and actually even more complicated to tell the truth.

I decided to create site to give people more access to more truthful media than what we are used to consume through mass media. Here is a collection of articles that I initially put together.