Have some space to get your next collection released


Have some space to get your next collection released

77.00 197.00

Are You looking forward to release Your next music album or complete any other mission that needs Your complete focus?

Heliait is a perfect place to be, to get away from urban distractions and to put Your focus on the creation.
We created the 77$/day offer specially for musicians to have this opportunity to create something new and to fall in love with this place.

Grab your gear, let go!

35 min drive from Tartu, Estonia. 700 meters walk through beautiful pine forest to Estonian second biggest lake Võrtsjärv. And complete privacy.

Heliait was specially built to create music. Exceptional acoustic features on rooms, all the amenities You desire to dig deep into Your creation. and good vibes.

Several Estonian acoustic and electronic musicians and creative collectives have become regular quests.

Book Your stay now and grab Your gear.