Decision making process for CC Platforms

This document provides guidance for Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) Platforms as they design decision making structures.

A Platform is an “area of work” that can have goals, objectives, policy positions, individual and collaborative activities. It is a way of organizing and coordinating collaboration across the CCGN, rather than simply an area of interest.

Basic elements or principles underlying the idea of a CC Platform during this transition period:

  1. Platforms organize and coordinate collaboration across the CCGN.

  2. Platforms are open to anyone willing to participate and to abide by our code of conduct.

  3. Platforms enable diverse and widespread participation.

  4. After the transition, Platforms will be reviewed and approved (or not) by the CC Global Network Council (GNC).

1. Membership and Participation

The membership of and participation in any CCGN Platform is open to all, whether individuals are Members of the CC Global Network or not. All are welcome.

The Platform coordinator will set a procedure to maintain the webpage for the Platform with the content required on

2. Communication tools

Communication channels should be open and transparent so everyone can participate and stay updated on Platform activities.

Discussions related to the Platform take place in the mailing list. The list is open and used for discussions, administrative questions and all other issues related to the Platform. It’s possible Platforms decide other meanings of communication such as IRC, Slack or others whereas those are transparent and open to participation.

3. Consensus based model for Platforms

Platforms should make decisions in a consensus based model. Platform coordinators will work to ensure all voices and positions have been heard and represented as Platform members work to reach common goals through consensus.

While communication and decisions should be made by consensus, in certain cases Platforms may wish to set working groups or committees for particular projects or activities. Working groups should not be considered decision making bodies and all of their work should be done in the open, and openly communicated to the members of the Platform using Platform communication tools.